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Parrot Head Reef (1).png

In Memory of
Jimmy Buffett

1946 - 2023

Jimmy created a legacy that will live on in the "Songs You Know by Heart".


To support and help sustain the ocean he loved, we are creating the Parrot Head Reef Project. 

We encourage the Parrot Head Clubs and Fans to support the Reef Building

around the world. Your tax deductible donations (in the USA) will add to and create

new artificial reefs from Texas to New York and around the world.


Donate today to help save the world's oceans.

Diving in the Reef
Coral Reef Island


To create artificial reef to help protect fragile ecosystems, in memory of Jimmy Buffett.


Underwater Photographer in School of Fish


Reef World is world to spread education and awareness about reefs, as well as the importance of coral reefs and the threats they face. Reef world hopes to positively impact the reef ecosystem with artificial reefs placed in memory of Jimmy Buffett.

Underwater Photographer in School of Fish
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